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romeo cases from exotic pc

I have decided to get the Romeo DX case in red from:

You can also get one from


Tri-Lighted Power Supply
Abit KX7 333  
Abit KX7 333 Motherboard
Soltek 75drv5
OR:  Soltek 75drv5 Motherboard
GEforce4 TI4200
or some other GEforce4.  Now I'm thinking about
an ATI 9700 Pro series Radeon.
Soundblaster Audigy with MP3

What I want for Christmas.  smiley
This is just to get started.
I don't know what will work with what.
I wanted to use the AMD 1700+ chip from the Compaq and also the DVD/CDRom drive or else buy a DVD/CDRom bay drive, use the CDRW from the Compaq, use the floppy drive from the compaq, use the RAM from the Compaq and get a sound card and game card-that I can plug the joystick into.

If you can help me choose a game card that I can plug the Logitech Wingman joystick into - serial- and that will work with Windows XP home version, please let me know - send email.  Thanks!

email 23


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