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Note: These sites are ones I've visited and I have purchased from some of them or my friends have and they recommend them. I am not affiliated with them nor do I make ANY money from these sites. Their websites are maintained by their website owners and I am not responsible for their content, products nor pictures they choose to post.


Yo! Click on the silver blimp next to the title of the place you want to visit or click on certain colored underlined words or titles!!

1001 lingerie has a nice selection of lingerie also by Intimate Attitudes and others. Low cost garterbelts and other items. I bought a garterbelt from them.

2Cute Lingerie has a good selection of
              low-priced, plus-sized lingerie by Intimate
              Attitudes.  Check them out!  You'll be glad you did!
              Before ordering, make sure your item is on their
              "In-Stock" list!

Bad Influence - Get your fully-fashioned
              stockings here!  What's a fully fashioned
              stocking?    Old-fashioned leg-shaped
              stockings with a seam in the back.
              Several styles and colors.
              See Vicki's Nylons for a full, (no pun
              intended), explanation!  You can also
              buy them at Vicki's Nylons by going to
              her full-fashioned nylons page.
    For more sources for this great, must-have item,
    See Below!

Bigger Girls Bigger Bras - Get bigger
            bras Cheaper at this great site!  These
            are the lowest prices I've seen for plus-sized
            bras.  They have major brand names:
           Goddess, Bali, etc.

Only Bullet Bras (TM)
            Get your bullet bras here!  Original
            style bullet bras from the 1950's.  A must
            to complete your 1950's "sweater girl"
            silhouette!  These pointy style bras come
            in several sizes and both white and black
            colors.  For $29.50 which INCLUDES
            shipping, you can have the proper lady
            retro look for all your fifties outfits.
            Send for yours today - I know because I did!

Get poodle skirts, 50's costumes and other
            costumes on this great site!  Many selections to
            choose from - some plus sized ones too!

Classic Pumps. Real leather so they cost, but
            they have various heel heights available and
            lots of colors.  These pumps are for those
            who favor "toe cleavage."  To find out what
            that means, visit their site!

Creative Woman - The Wizard of Bras.
            Many unusual sizes of bras available here.
            Cool designs in bras.  Have a look!

Cruisin USA - Great site.  Lots of fun
            information too!  I bought a lot of my
            accessories here, including my petticoat!
            Comes in colors too.  *Have another look!
            their site has been updated and has MORE
            great fifties outfits!

Daddy O's - Good site.  I got my saddle
            shoes here!  They are real leather and
            come in two color selections.

Extra Emphasis - Good site for larger
            sized bras.  Carries "Just my Size" brand.
            Other lingerie, slips, etc.

Foot Traffic Online from Catalog city.
           Many great stockings, funky 1960's styles
           and others!

Frederick's of Hollywood - cool stockings,
            garter belts, waist cinchers, bras, corsets, etc.
            at good prices.  Stockings in plus sizes in
            some styles too!  (Note:  The corsets and
            waist cinchers are just for fun - for tight-
            lacing, you must get a custom made corset
            and, unfortunately, those can be Quite
           Expensive!)  Interesting website.  Good selection
            of sizes, up to 48" waist in girdles.  The site
            says that they have bras with back size up
            to 56".  Pricing is average, but check out
            their "Best Buys" page for quality items
            at cheaper prices!

Girdlebound FAQ page.  Learn about the
            everything from the history of girdles to
            how to wear them today.  If your waist
            is size 44" or less, you can buy your
            girdles and all-in-ones here.  If you have
            a larger waist, 46" - 48", like I do, I
            suggest Secrets in Lace.  Now if you
            know of someone who sells girdles and
            all-in-ones with larger waist sizes than
            48", by all means, let me know!!!

Hot Stuff Mall.  Pump shoes for $24.95!

How Kewl Shoes.  Pump Shoes for $19.99 !!;
            MANY styles, good sales!!

Just my Size bras.  Carries, obviously, "Just
            my Size" brand.  Great site for bras,
            lingerie, clothes, etc.  Find larger sizes
            here at low prices, usually.

Frank Sinclair's "Kathy's Nostalgia"
            (Nothing to do with me by the way!)
            is a great source for full-fashioned stockings,
            garter belts, all-in-ones, etc.  Friendly
            answers to just about ANY questions you
            may have about full-fashioned stockings.  I
            consider Frank to be The Expert on
            full-fashioned stockings and nylons in

Laura Martin's Bullet Bra Shop- Shop
            online for your pointed bras here!  (Note:  rather
            small sizes - extra charges for larger sizes).

Lingerie at Large - Shop online for larger
             sized lingerie and Danskin dancewear.

Lingerie Direct - A variety of sizes in
            foundations and undergarments.  I'm
            getting a girdle from them!

Magnolia Hosiery Mills, Inc.  Wow!  Great
            selection of full-fashioned stockings made
            on 1940's machines they refurbished.  Cuban
            heel stockings for $10.50 + $3.55 for
            shipping up to about 6 pairs.  Cuban
            Black-seamed stockings in beige for $11.50
            + shipping ($3.55).  Take a look.
            They're swell !!

Muffy's site- Saddle shoes all colors!
            Great site.  See a picture of Marilyn
            Monroe's Saddle Shoes-they were brown
            and white.
One Hanes Place - Get bras and plain
            stockings here.  The site has good discounts
            on "irregulars" where you can't even tell
            what the irregularities are!

Find bras and girdles in plus sizes!  Good

Payless Shoe Source - For a limited time only!
            Find women's saddle shoes here!!!  Look under:  "Women's
            Casual, Classics.  The lot number is:  5943  Comes in traditional
            white with black saddle.  All manmade materials.  Hey!  It's like
            only about $13.00 before shipping!!  Also check out, under
            "Women's sneakers" the retro canvas sneakers they have
            with a updated look! They have "Keds" style and also
            young men's style in the original RED color!!!  Woah!
            The lot numbers are:  6469, 5695, 6275, 6455, 7472, 9069, 9055
            1098.  Ever so often Payless Shoe Source has retro looking
            shoes so be sure to check by often, either in person or online.

Pin Up Girls - The name says it all.
            Great site with famous artists!  Pictures
            are downloadable and are FREE !

Pin Up Girl Clothing provides sexy dance
            wear and accessories as the name implies.
            Custom sizing at no extra charge!  Many
            fabrics and styles to choose from.

Sally Ann's Corset Shop.  Kind of plain
            plain looking website, but they DO have
            girdles with waist sizes up to 50" and
            bras, all-in-ones in the 48 to 50" bust
            size, some up to cup size H.  (This
            is a T V site).

Secrets in Lace - Excellent site!!
             Worth a visit! Get your pretty,
            (small) plus-size or regular size body
            shapers and girdles here!  Stockings in
            10 denier!  The standard is 15 denier.
            10 denier is Even More Sheer! I think
            the absolute sheerest stockings are
            8 denier which would probably tear if you
            breathed on them!  L O L! (ha ha).
            Some more colors in full-fashioned stockings
            are available as well.  Ovacion Hosiery
     Wash - a Must Have item to hand-wash
            your delicate, full-fashioned stockings, fine
            lingerie and other items in.  Use the sink -
            not the laundry machine!  Ovacion Hosiery
            Wash is only $5.95 per 6.7 fluid ounce
            bottle at this time - (March 10, 2000).

Sexy Shoes - The Leslie Shoe Company,
            a.k.a., Sexy shoes offers high heel pumps,
            full-fashioned stockings and other beautiful

Silhouettes - Larger bras in cool designs here.
            Also a selection of slips and other clothing
            in plus sizes.

A store that came to me!  Great little shoe store!
            Check out all the exciting styles.  Super prices.  Pay using Paypal.

Tia Amanda's.  This place is cool!  Get
            all types of poodle and other skirts here.
            Her sizing is not too large, however, I
            believe she could make larger skirts for
            you for a bit extra money.

Fitting Room  This is a great site to get
            your custom made corset or corset making
            supplies so you can make your own!
          This woman has been making corsets for a
            long time and she answers questions well.
          Her corsets won't go out-of-style as they
            are classics!  All custom-made corsets
            are going to be expensive, but wouldn't
            you rather have one that will fit well,
            do what you want it to, and last than
            waste your money on a cheap one?  I
            know I would!!!!

          For information on tight lacing visit Lisa,
     Long Island Stay Lace Assoc.

The Leather Butterfly - Low cost and plus sized
            leather outfits and lingerie!

The Perfect Fit - Get your bra accessories here for,
            what else, the perfect bra fit!

The Stocking Store - This place is a great
            place to find unusual thigh high stockings.

The Underworks  Great site!  Searchable.
           This site NOW has MORE larger sizing.
           Waists of girdles up to 50" and bras up to
           about 48J.

Yo!  Before visiting Touchable, click on the Personal Currency Assistant below!  I found it easier if I put the amount in the first box, put the foreign country's currency in the next box and your currency in the last box, then simply hit "convert". You can take this currency converter with you, simply minimize it and go!

Personal Currency Assistant

Touchable.  Yo! Touchable is located in
            the U.K.  (England), so whip out your
            Visa or Mastercard to shop here.
            Touchable sells luscious full-fashioned
     stockings in colors and some with black-
            foot and black seams or red seams!
     Some have contrasting seams! (Okay
            so the contrast ones aren't full-fashioned
            stockings, but they are less expensive,
            have a nice sheen, and have MORE
            fun-filled colors!!!)

        If you need a very special pair of colored
            full-fashioned nylons, then this is
            the place, but you must expect to Pay for
            them as they are rather expensive and then
            there's the shipping cost.

        My recommendation? Bite the bullet and get
            these unusual colors on the way to you!
           Buy them two pair at a time for cost
            effectiveness.  You won't be disappointed!

Versatile Fashions.  Beautiful corsets made-
            to-measure.  Outstanding selection of fabrics
            and trims for corsets along with coordi-
            nating clothing to go with them!  All
            good corsets are going to cost plenty, so
            be forewarned.  Check out their SPECIAL
            for Valentine's Day - "The Sweetheart"
            it's really cool!!  Hey!  If you don't see
            what you're looking for or if you want a
            particular fabric - drop them an email.
            I've found them to be extremely helpful!

        For information on tight lacing visit Lisa,
Long Island Stay Lace Assoc.

Vicki's Nylons.  Wonderful full-fashioned
            nylons in many hard-to-find colors!  I
            received my Navy blue pair and they are
            terrific!  Same 15 denier sheerness, but in
            a navy blue color with reinforced toe and
            cuban heel.  I'm very pleased with their
            full-fashioned stockings.  Some colors which
            might interest you include:  Navy blue, red,
            white, grey, blackfoot beige, blackfoot grey
            as well as the more traditional colors: beige,
            taupe/coffee, black, etc.  Check out their
            informational pages!  They have a wealth
            of cool information!
Wasp Creations is owned by a couple who
               specialize in corsets made for tight
               lacing enthusiasts.  See LISA,
        The Long Island Staylace Association)
               for more information on Tight Lacing.

Yo!  Are you interested in having your web site added here?
Drop me a line.(Note:  Your website must have a 50's or early 60's theme and content or be related somehow (my discretion).  Online merchants are encouraged!


Tip 1:  Click on the banner below to go to eBay!  I find mostly any type of vintage, antique and 50's items there at oftentimes Great Low Prices!  I bought some really great 50's full-fashioned and other stockings on eBay, two box purses, etc.

Tip 2:  For a retro-looking purse made of plastic that looks like Lucite, check out Kaboodles!  There are some neat cosmetic cases, made by Kaboodles, that look pretty close to Lucite or Bakelite purses, but Don't Cost $100.00 to $200.00 each!!!!!

Tip3:  If you like to sew, I recommend you subscribe
to "Butterick Patterns" and "Vogue Patterns" magazines.  Lately, each issue has swell and really cool Retro patterns, often in larger sizes, that you can order with their in-magazine special order form program of Buy One Get Two Patterns of equal or lesser value FREE !  You can't beat that!

Tip4:  If you are fortunate enough to have a Walmart near where you live - check out their patterns and fabrics sections.  Patterns are always 50% off the retail price marked on the envelope or in the pattern book!  Also they have a Big selection of those $1.47 to $2.49 priced patterns that you make, oftentimes in 2 hours or less, etc.

Tip5:  Check out antique stores, yard sales, flea markets, swap meets, Goodwill stores, etc.  You may find many interesting antiques, vintage clothing and other neat stuff there for cheap prices.

Got a great tip along the lines of the above tips?  Drop me a line!


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