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Welcome to Retroactive.  This is the place to find the best links to online retro stores as well as our own products.


We are a family owned online retro store. 

Custom embroidery is made here in the U.S.A. by me so you can be assured of personal attention and high quality.

Come on in and stay awhile.  Be sure and tell your friends!

This website is currently under construction, but  in the meantime, if you would like some custom embroidery, contact me,



If you have a piece of clothing or lingerie you would like to have embroidered and you have a picture of something, I can digitize it and turn it into a custom embroidery piece.  I have over 10 years experience in sewing.  My main focus is custom machine embroidery. 

I have a large number of designs to choose from or you may submit your own design(s).  Some of the designs I have include:  Animals: African animals such as lions, elephants, giraffes; dogs, cats, horses, birds, etc., Insects: butterflies, moths, a honey bee, Flowers: almost all types, some cartoons, baby related designs, etc.  If I don't have it, there's a good chance I can digitize it from a picture.








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  • Accessories:  Ties, Belts, Shoes, Etc.

  • Bowling Shirts

  • Hawaiian shirts

  • Mexican Wedding Shirts

  • Retro Clothing




  • Accessories:  Handbags, Shoes, etc.

  • Bowling Shirts

  • Custom Embroidery

  • Dresses

  • Poodle Skirts


  • 1940s & 1950s Retro Fabrics

  • Hawaiian Fabrics

  • Lingerie Sewing Supplies

  • Patterns


  • All in ones
  • Bullet Bras
  • Crinolines & Petticoats
  • custom embroidery
  • full-fashioned stockings
  • Girdles
  • Retro Style Garter Belts

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ŠKathleen Golden, 2004, 2005 Retro, Bullet Bras, Full-Fashioned Stockings, Girdles, Garter Belts, Stockings, Suspenders, Fifties, Poodle Skirts, Pink Ladies, Thunderbirds, Saddle Shoes.