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3-of-Diamonds' T-Shirts, Printing and More!

At 3-of-Diamonds we believe in bringing the traditions of the old west into the future. We offer our clients custom-designed T-shirts, sweatshirts, other clothing and cloth items such as tote bags, etc., made to order. We also offer custom-designed paper printed products such as business cards, brochures, bookmarks, transparencies for business presentations or school presentations using an overhead projector, note/greeting/religious/holiday cards, etc. Also contact us for office services and computer related services such as computer instruction, Internet instruction, spreadsheets, scanning to make copies, documents, word processing, transcription: legal, medical, other.

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3-of-Diamonds' Native American craft items

Our new line will be Indian war bonnets and war bonnet kits. These beautiful kits will be handmade and shipped to you complete or the kit will be shipped to you. You can choose from various styles. Note: Real eagle feathers will NOT be used. In order to preserve our environment and this proud bird, only dyed turkey feathers will be used. They look just like real eagle feathers and are gathered from turkey farms.

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Mrs. Kathleen Golden

P.O. Box 503