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PICTURES  1993 to 1995

Jim Maxwell with Arthur and Buster in snow.  1996

Kathy with Arthur the Rottweiler when he was a puppy.  About 1992 or 1993.
This was taken in Angie Ramos's house.  She sold us Arthur as a purebred Rottweiler puppy!  : )
(I'm not this heavy anymore!)

Just after the wedding, May 21, 1995. Bridge at Big Sur, California

Steve Jan. 1986 in Korea

Steve in 1992 or 1993.  Angie Ramos's house who sold us Arthur as a puppy.
Steve is holding Arthur as a puppy now.

Steve, Kathy, the Honorable Albert Maldonado who is a newly
appointed Municipal Court Judge for the County of Monterey in
Salinas, California.  Albert Maldonado is a nice man that Kathy used to work
for in the County of Monterey in Salinas, California for several years while she worked
in the County Administrative Office/Personnel Division.
Wedding date:  May 21, 1995.

The photo is taken by my step-father, James Myers.
Witnesses were Mom - Audrey Myers, James Myers and
a friend, Paul Bender.

Location:  The city park at the intersections of Acacia Street and Padre Drive, Salinas, California.
It was an overcast day and not too warm.

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